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STEL Computer Systems
Stel - Computer Systems, a Russian Company founded in 1991, develops and rolls out advanced information technologies for various applications.
We have all appropriate the Russian Federation Government licenses, engineering capabilities and qualified professionals enabling us to implement complex projects.

STELLUS is a web technology-based modular software system that has full functionality and is designed to support open learning. It is intended to support the full-time, part-time and distance learning and testing (in higher school and corporations), as well as business training.

Speech Technologies

Stel-Computer Systems has been developing speech technologies since 1996, including automated speech recognition and related tasks.
Acoustic phonetic and speech databases consisting of different legible text types and relevant transcription material are Stel - Computer Systems' commercial products.

Stel - Computer Systems is a leading Russian provider of the videoconferencing technologies and solutions. The Company markets a wide range of network and terminal equipment designed for multi-branch videoconferencing networks, and represents major international manufacturers, including VCON, POLYCOM, RADVISION, in the Russian marketplace



Since 1998 Stel - Computer Systems has been developing and rolling out its products and solutions in the area of telemedicine technologies. We have notched up vast experience in creating and deploying a variety of telemedicine networks, telemedicine centers and points.

Special Computer Equipment
The company manufactures two lines of video terminals: STEL GV group systems, and the STEL PV personal systems. Also we manufacture a line of the STEL-TK software/hardware systems designed to support telemedicine consultation and distance diagnostics. We offer a line of NEXCOM blade servers.
Multimedia Halls
The full-function multimedia complex should carry out effectively and ergonomically main purpose - maintenance of support of decision-making. 
The basic components of equipment of conference halls, cabinets, situational halls and educational classes are systems of videoconferences, sound amplification, videoprojections and simultaneous translation. 
Our decisions are directed to create the balanced complex of video and audiocomponents for operative and comfortable work. 
Our company has wide experience in equipment of various premises by a modern multimedia complexes.
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