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Mobile Video Terminals

In mobile terminals of a video conferencing it is used hardware of coding/decoding of video and audio streams, with an optional server of multipoint link.

Mobile video terminals are applied to transmission of video and audio information, for example: data exchange from places of operative operation of transportable divisions of power structures, the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, emergency services, brigades of urgent medical aid, from places of carrying out building and repair work, etc.

Development tools of program applications allow create various user interfaces and build in functions of a video conferenc­ing in various projects.
Mobile Video Terminals

Telemedicine Terminals

The company makes the set of software-hardware complexes STEL-TK of support of telemedical consultations and remote diagnosing.

STEL-TK complex combines functions of a video conferencing, electronic archive of medical records and the computer inter­face with the medical equipment.

The set of the robotized libraries STEL roBiB

Using advantages of DMD-R disks, our company develops a series of the robotized libraries and storages. The volume of stor­age information is from 100 Gb up to 40 Tb. For administration and managing of the robotized libraries our company creates the software with functions.

The company STEL - Computer Systems develops the set of the scaled robotized libraries and storages, using DMD disk as the carrier. Starting from carried out research of needs of the market, the following variants of the robotized libraries are offered:

The Personal changer on 10-12 disks, capacity - 100 - 120;

The Robotized library on 200 disks, mounted in a standard rack, with possibility of cascading, capacity of one RL - 2,56 TB;

The Unit of the robotized library on 1000 and more disks, capacity - more than 12 TB;

The Robotized storage consisting of the complex of units of robotized library on 1000 disks, capacity - more than 40 TB. 

Hardware-software complex "Video protocol"

The complex is developed for support of electronic maintenance, the analysis and archiving of significant events, for example judicial meetings. In possibilities of the complex “Video protocol” modern technologies of processing of video signals and the robotized libraries of data are incorporated. For operative access to multimedia files we use time marks, with the subsequent linking the auxiliary information. Usage of documents accompanying the protocol allows save eligibility of new technology with existing technology of support of meeting.

The architecture of system of the complex “Video protocol”


  • Multi-channel audio and video record
  • Conversion of audio and video signals to a digital format (MPEG - 4)
  • The Video permission 704х576
  • Saving in database of SQL server
  • Reliability and safety

Saving of integrity of a database (audio and video files) is provided with reliable hardware and specialized program utilities. In system possibility of addition of annotations is stipulated by electronic documents that allows reduce risk of loss of the important information and differentiation of access rights to record and carrying out of annotations.

Application of hardware-software complex “Video protocol”

  • Security services of firms
  • Video monitoring of objects
  • Recording of conferences, meetings
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