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STEL Computer Systems / Stellus - E-learning software system

STELLUS™ is a web technology-based modular software system that has full functionality and is designed to support open learning.

STELLUS has been registered with the RF Ministry for Education

It is intended to support the full-time, part-time and distance learning and testing (in higher school and corporations), as well as business training.

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Companies and Agencies: Training, testing and refresher courses for company employees provide an opportunity for leveraging available human resources; introducing consistent standards and regulations that apply to company employees across the board; arranging ongoing on-the-job training.

Businesses: Authoring teaching guidelines and materials, including preparation for replication. Giving access to trainers' consultation; paid customized training etc.

Educational Institutions: Supporting the educational process as part of the full-time, part-time and distance learning and testing. Automating routine procedures; optimizing the students' class hours / independent work ratio to enhance the quality of learning.

From Rolling Out the Software to Building Up the Distance Learning System

Modular Software + Roll-Out Services + Quality Training Materials = QUALITY LEARNING

References of the STELLUS Software/Hardware System

"We would like to highlight STELLUS design device's capability to locally develop training courses and tests for further transmission of the finished materials via the network or through other channels, and uploading them onto the server, as well as installation in the STELLUS system of other courses purchased from third-party developers. We in UTC JSC have had a very positive experience of operating STELLUS, although there is certainly room for further improvement of some of its modules to account for certain specific applications and to expand its capabilities".
        Yu. Belov, Director, Southern Telecommunication Company Training and Production Center

"It [STELLUS] meets the key higher school requirement, i.e. it improves the quality and increases the scope of educational services regardless of the location of either the student, or the training resources and services that the student uses".
        V. Gorelik, Vice-Principal, Russian State Open University of Transport

In keeping with the international standards for learning systems, STELLUS allows for synchronous and/or asynchronous, online and offline learning options, while supporting new and all traditional learning schemes.

  • Our system provides the necessary tools for developing distance learning courses, distance learning manuals and tests.
  • A standard web browser is used to access the training courses posted on a corporate network, the Intranet or the Internet.
  • The learning system roll-out services that we offer to our clients have incorporated our 5-year experience of running the system.
  • Software installation, personnel training, information content – you name it, we'll take care of it!
    When purchasing this service, our client/user gets a distance learning/refresher training center complete with the trained staff and training courses library. In just 3 to 4 weeks you'll be ready to start the learning process.

STELLUS™ Software/Hardware System Options and Designation

Educational Institutions

(Virtual University)

Creates a distance learning system with full functionality. Is ideal for rolling out a distance learning system in Training Centers



Training courses targeting company employees; checking their knowledge and skills. Creates a distance learning system

Educational Process Support

STELLUS_ORG (Organization)

Creates a distance learning system based on the available training materials

Training Materials Development

(Book management)

Develops a full suite of training materials and guidelines to ensure effective learning process

Tests Development

(Test management)

Develops control mechanisms to monitor the learning progress

Setting Up Local Workplaces


Develops control mechanisms to monitor the learning progress on a stand-alone PC


The system includes several functional roles.

Thus, there may be one or several Educators interacting with Student (Trainee) on a specific subject or part of the training course.
Then there is Supervisor who monitors the learning process and checks its quality as well as Educators' performance.
Organizer is authorized to represent the educational institution's Administration, while Administrator ensures uninterrupted operation of the software/hardware system.
Courses Authors and Tests Authors can collaborate on the same content.

STELLUS™ -based solutions are delivered and supported though:

  • A software system
  • Communication channels or a local network commensurate with the Work Team scale
  • Trained staff (training of two persons is part of the terms and conditions of the product delivery)
  • Training materials database
  • A set of the appropriate reporting forms

STELLUS™ Technical Parameters

  • STELLUS™ includes the modules that allow for the development of both courses, and tests; curricula planning, and learning process management; as well as system administration.
  • Total number of students registered with the system makes up 5,000 (records in the database)
  • Total staff is 350, max. (records in the database)

Total scope of training materials is a function of the pre-set storage capacity (500 MB per 100 academic hours is an approximate number for calculation purposes).

The number of participants who can simultaneously interact during a training session is restricted by the communication channel throughput, rather than the STELLUS system. One operating license is issued per server processor, while no fee is charged for the clients' use of the browser.

Content modifications: there is a potential to indefinitely expand the scope of training materials. The copyright for the training materials developed by customer belongs to customer.
We may deliver separate modules (to gradually build up functionality).


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