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Telemedicine: solutions and technologies 

Since 1998 Stel - Computer System» spends works on creation and perfection of products and decisions in the field of telemedical technologies. By present time we have got the wide experience on development and introduction of various variants of telemedical networks, the centers and stations, and telemedical hardware-software complex STEL TK. Now in the market the third generation of complexes is presented already. Having staff of highly quality programmers, engineers and designers, our company successfully participates in realization of large projects under the order of the Moscow and federal ministries and departments of public health services.

We pay the big attention to scientifically-practical and educational actions, showing the development and we act with reports on various questions of a telemedicine. Employees of the company on a regular basis publish clauses in periodicals on problems of use and development of telemedical technologies. Results of our work are highly estimated by experts. Company Stel - Computer Systems has a number of awards, in particular, from Committee on health protection of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Health of the Moscow region and others.

The STEL TK Software/Hardware System

STEL TKP2STEL TKP5Stel Telemedical mobile complex

Based on STEL TK terminals our telemedicine software/hardware solution incorporates capabilities that allow for videoconferencing, medical records electronic filing, and computer interface with computer and medical equipment. Most of the STEL TK systems are designed for both IP-based networks, and ISDN channels. STELTK is a modular system that can be expanded through adding additional computer and medical equipment, as well as software modules.

Healthcare professionals use the system to collect the necessary medical data about patients and arrange them in a structured fashion; create digital documents through digitizing hard-copy originals, e-mail these data to an expert, and provide real time telemedicine consultation.

Distance assessment of medical images is critical for teleoncology, teleradiology, telecardiology experts. We offer an additional special module, DemoGraph, that makes it possible to view and assess images at a distance in real time.

STEL TIS -Telemedical information system

Introduction of telecommunication technologies, computer information systems has allowed begin rendering of remote medical services. Interaction of the experts working in territorially-removed medical institutions requires an exchange of medical data with use of telecommunication networks, for example, the Internet. Process of telemedical consultation is accompanied by an exchange of a lot of medical and financial-legal documents. For the decision of the problems connected with the organization, support, information and financial-resource maintenance, and also documenting of the internal and postponed telemedical consultations by the company Stel -Computer Systems the information system of support of teleconsultations STEL TIS is created.

STELTDVMS - telemedical digital video monitoring system (Telemedical system of digital video monitoring)

Telemedical digital video monitoring system

STEL TDVMS is a complex of hardware-software means for documenting, control and demonstration of surgical operations, video monitoring. The complex is used for audio and video recording of surgical operations, their operative control by heads and advisers, and also demonstrations of surgical operations in the scientific and educational purposes. The important feature is the opportunity of the operative remote advisory help to a surgical brigade in complex situations. STEL TDVMS constructs by a modular principle. Its basic element is the subsystem of hardware-software means of operational. Its structure includes various audiovisual equipment, connected to a specialized computer, on which the anesthesiologist can conduct an anesthetic card. Complex STEL TDVMS will allow the head of surgical branch supervise work of several surgical brigades from the own workplace, accepting signals from the video cameras established in various operational.

Now complexes STEL TK of a various configurations successfully function in the Russian centre of science of surgery of Russian Academy of Medical Science, MSRI pediatrics and children's surgery of Ministry of Health and social development of the Russian Federation, the Main military clinical hospital named by N. N. Burdenko, and also in clinics and institutes:
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