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Stel – Computer Systems offers a range of comprehensive services in developing the videoconferencing systems based on the network and terminal equipment produced by the world leading manufacturers.

  • Multi-branch multipoint videoconferencing systems over both homogeneous, and heterogeneous LAN and WAN networks (IP-based, ISDN-based, wireless access, and satellite communication)
  • Economy and VIP solutions for IP-based and ISDN-based videoconferencing
  • Solutions for secure videoconferencing networks
  • Audioconferencing systems designed for a variety of halls and rooms
  • Multimedia halls and videoconference rooms

We offer a whole range of services, from the project development to installation and adjustment to subsequent maintenance

VideoConferencing Products

Stel - Computer Systems represents the full range of personal, group and compact systems from the leading manufacturers, featuring a variety of functions to enable effective videoconferencing


Stel - Computer Systems is POLYCOM's gold partner.


Stel - Computer Systems is VCON's exclusive distributor in the Russian and ex-USSR countries.


Stel - Computer Systems is RADVISION's authorized partner.

Videoconferencing Systems' Practical Applications

We have the necessary engineering capabilities and qualified professionals to implement a variety of projects aimed at building local and global videoconferencing networks over the whole territory of Russia. Our state-of-the art telecommunication equipment makes it possible to integrate the videoconferencing systems into the existing communication lines. Our multipoint videoconferencing solutions have been rolled out in a number of the RF Ministries, and major oil and gas producing companies.

Since 1999, at the initiative of the Chelyabinsk Oblast Court, Stel – Computer Systems has been working in collaboration with the Russia Supreme Court, regional, oblast and city courts on introducing videoconferencing to courts with a view of supporting the court proceedings. Appeals on error are currently reviewed via videoconferencing in the Supreme Court and a number of regional courts in the Russia. The new processes have considerably reduced the time it takes to review appeals, and improved efficiency of the court proceedings.

Our "SUD – SIZO" ("Court – prison") system is designed to enable virtual court proceedings. The system is installed in the court rooms and is used to deploy videoconferencing points in the trial centers. The system components meet the ITU-T standards, and the RF Ministry for Communication's Svyaz System requirements. It has an additional function that allows for the documents transmission from the trial center to the court room during the court hearing. Operation of the SUD-SIZO control system does not need any special IT skills. The system software can be updated to meet any new needs.

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